Datum: 6 november, 2018

IBBA Biogas and biomethane – Workshop on Industrial Wastewater Management

IBBA Biogas and biomethane – Workshop on Industrial Wastewater Management

Exploring higher energy efficiency and sustainable solutions – special focus on pulp and paper residues.

The treatment of wastewater for industrial activities, such as pulp and paper production, is often highly energy intensive and alternatives are needed to achieve the reduction targets for fossil CO2-emissions. At the same time, sustainable wastewater management holds the potential for producing renewable fuels, such as biogas.

IBBA would like to invite you to our two-day workshop, where we will discuss more resource efficient concepts, which combine e.g. industrial wastewater treatment with biogas production. The concepts should improve the carbon footprint of industrial wastewater treatment – through both energy savings and renewable fuel production.

Experts from the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), Biogas Research Center (BRC), Swedish Forest Industries Federation, Scandinavian Biogas and Episome Biotech will, among others, present case studies and new concepts. On day two we will visit the Fiskeby Board mill including their wastewater treatment plant, at which biogas is produced in an anaerobic step.

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