Quantitative system analyses for improved resource-efficiency of different biogas solutions – critical factors and uncertainty handling

Biogas is seen by many as one of the better climate strategies in the work on fossil free energy systems. In addition, biogas production has many links to higher resource efficiency in society: eco-cycles of nutrients, lower utilization of fertilizer and resource utilization in local and regional energy systems. Despite this, many plants struggle with their economic profitability and mention the shortage of long-term political rules of the game which is a large risk factor.

In this respect, quantifications of performance for different types of biogas solutions can help to streamline individual plants by demonstrating critical factors. In addition, these studies can highlight the role of biogas in society and send important signs to decision-makers. The aim of this project is to conduct quantitative studies on resource-efficiency for different biogas solutions, and to quantify the social effects which implementation of these solutions can generate. The project studies resource efficiency based on four focus areas: environment, economy, energy and nutrients.