Research at BRC

The main focus of BRC’s research is process/technology development within biogas solutions with anaerobic digestion. This takes places in a systemic and social context which must also be understood and studied so that resource-efficient biogas solutions can be developed and disseminated. BRC’s approach is transdisciplinary and is based on interaction and collaboration in several different dimensions. Between companies with different roles, between researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds, between different public actors and also between these different groups. In this way the research can address challenges which are relevant for actors in the biogas sector in a better manner.

The research under Phase 2 is divided into three research areas Process/Technology, Systems and Society with different subprojects within each of the areas as well as into research of the impact of biogas within the five sectors WasteAgricultureForestry industryAquatic biomass andRegions.


Six main challenges for the development of biogas comprise the basis of the research:

  1. more biogas from existing plants,
  2. utilization of new substrates,
  3. implementation in new sectors,
  4. higher resource-efficiency in production and distribution,
  5. relevant social terms and conditions,
  6. commercial terms and conditions.