Resultat från BRC:s samhällsforskning

Biogas solutions evolve as complex socio-technical systems of production and consumption which means that they

  • take long time to evolve implying the importance of endurance.
  • rely on functional local governance structures.
  • can grow based on local and regional initiatives but the further they come their dependency on national and international institutional conditions increase.

Towards a sustainable socio-technical system of biogas for transport: the case of the city of Linköping in Sweden. Magdalena Fallde and Mats Eklund. Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 98, 1 July 2015, Pages 17–28


The potential of biogas systems is not realised in Sweden. Why?

  • There is not one coherent biogas system, but several, with individual objectives
  • Local and sectorial measures are required to increase biogas production
  • The need for waste management is a strong driver for biogas production
  • Policy for biogas production and use could reduce CO2 emissions substantially
  • Reflecting the diversity of biogas systems could add value to studies of biogas potential

Waste(d) potential: a socio-technical analysis of biogas production and use in Sweden. (2015) Linda Olsson and Magdalena Fallde. Journal of Cleaner Production, 98: 107-115.