The Nordic biogas model intrigues the Japanese

It was a sunny day in September when three gentlemen from the Japanese company Mitsubishi Corporation stepped into the Biogas Solutions Research Center at Linköping University, together with Ulf Lundqvist from Westport. They had traveled far to learn more about Sweden's biogas system and how liquid biogas is used as fuel in trucks.

Professor Mats Eklund and Associate Professor Roozbeh Feiz welcomed them warmly and over two intensive days generously shared their experiences around the value creation in the Nordic model for biogas solutions. The guests listened curiously and asked many questions.

Thumbs up for LBG and The Nordic biogas model.

On Wednesday, a tour was made in Linköping to see different parts of the biogas system in practice. The highlight was the visit to Svensk Biogas facility where they got to see trucks fuel up with liquefied biogas (LBG). They also got to meet a driver who was just delivering LBG to the entire gas station.

At the end of the two days long visit, the guests were impressed. The biogas system in Linköping is truly a role model for sustainability with global relevance, they concluded. Ulf Lundqvist from Westport, Michimasa Kono, Tomohiro Sanda and Kemmin Osada from Mitsubishi thanked  them for two educational days filled with biogas as they said goodbye. The study visit had given them new insights to bring home to Japan.