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Mats Eklund


Mats Eklund is a professor of Industrial Environmental Engineering at Linköping University and the director of the Biogas Solutions Research Center. His research often focuses on creating more value from underutilized resources through collaborations and has frequently involved companies in the energy and recycling sectors, as well as the green industries.

Mats’ research profile is based on studies of material and energy flows, environmental systems analysis, life-cycle and multi-criteria analyses, in combination with stakeholders, organisations, and businesses. He is particularly passionate about the global dissemination of sustainable solutions.

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Madeleine Larsson

Acting Deputy Director (on parental leave)

Assistant Professor at Division of Environmental Technology and Management (MILJÖ), Linköping University.
Within the Biogas Solutions Research Center, Madeleine is the acting deputy director with a special focus on research education. Together with Hans Andersson, she is also the leader for innovation project IP3: Breakthrough for biogas solutions in the Nordic forest industry – production and use.

She also actively contributes as a researcher within RA2 with a special interest in system studies of sustainable nutrient flows (bio-fertilizers, etc.).

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Jonas Ammenberg

Temporary Acting Deputy Director

Project Manager for IP1 & IP2.
Jonas Ammenberg who is a docent at the Department of Industrial Environmental Engineering and the head of the Unit for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis. His research focuses on broad system studies and sustainability assessments of biogas solutions and complementary alternative systems, for example as a basis for more well-founded decision-making and strategic work. Among other things, he is interested in potential studies and the possible role of agriculture in the expansion of biogas solutions.

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Anna Eronn


Anna is the research coordinator at BSRC (Biogas Solutions Research Center) and is part of the management team. She serves as the point of contact between biogas research at BSRC and our partners affiliated with BSRC. 

She also manages events within the center, including BSRC Weeks, our large meetings, and the biogas tour.

Hon styr också arrangemang inom centret, bland annat BSRC-veckorna, våra stormöten och biogasturnén.